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Cobwobs Hostel and Local farming project

Location: 22nd December 1989 Strada, Sighet, Maramures., Sighet Marmatiei, Romania
We are encouraging volunteers to work with us in our hostel. We expect you to find out about local activities and tourist atractions and to be able to advise others on local facilities. We also need volunteers to meet and greet people this may be at the local train station or when people arrive at the hostel. Of course there is always an element of cleaning and changing beds. This is a nice little hostel in a rural town in the north of Romania right on the boarder with Ukraine. It is rarely full and in reality only does business during the sumer months though can be quite busy at that time. As with most hostels there is an element of social activity especialy in the evening around the table in the garden as the sun goes down. We have lots of volunteers for that or at least people willing to sit around and swap stories and information. I should point out this is in no way a party hostel and we dont play silly games though we do a pub crawl around town or over to Ukraine when we can be bothered.
On a seperate project We are also loking at volunteers working with local farmers to help them with thier crops and animals. This is a hot climate so most farming begins early and ends around lunch time though it may begin again in the late afternon for a couple of hours. Local agriculture usualy involves horses and carts rather than tractors and people with pitch forks manualy moving hay rather than having mechanical vehicles to do that. Its a lot of fun though can be exhausting.Local farmers wil accomodate but dont expect any sort of luxuary they dont have any and the fod will be meaty and probably very fatty. However all wil be localy sourced and you can probably cook your own vegetables, which will keep the farmers amused for hours.