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Setting up a small hemp farm

Location: Amoreiras Gare, Portugal
Dear sisters and brothers,
3 years ago I bought a small property in the south of portugal (region alentejo) without anything on it.....that means no house, no electricity, no running water, no garden, no fruit trees and not even a road access. Within the last 3 years 2 hands made all this possible....additional a small lake and the base for a food forest is done!
Before I bought this property I spent 2 years in buddhist monasteries in thailand, new zealand Australia and India.....to work on myself and free my mind (at least a bit) from detrimental cultural conditionings.

After more than 3 years alone on the property I m now looking for some help for the new project. To contribute to „the whole“/the society I want to use the land to produce cbd hemp.
So I looking for someone who is willing to live in a tent or own van, use the kitchen and electricity in my small hut and built with me greenhouse, shed and all the other stuff around this endeavour.
Who knows.....perhaps all works out good and perhaps we start something bigger together afterwards!?

And.... I m quite into sacred plant medicine, meditation, sustainable living and stuff and am happy to share it with you!

If this resonates with you drop me a message and let’s get in touch!
Setting up a small hemp farm