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Into the Wild ECO glampsite seeking helping hands

Location: Budens, Portugal
Dear volunteer. Our journey started with a search for an adventurous, off-grid lifestyle in Portugal. A calling to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

After 4 years of intensive work, we (Sonya & Dave) felt ready to make the next step this meant opening our doors to let volunteers, and guests rediscover their connection with nature at our ECO Glampsite and organic community.

So, what are we looking for?

First and foremost, we’re looking for social people who love being outdoors and have passion for nature and hospitality activities. The types of skills required and the nature of projects we’re working on changes throughout the season:

Specific things to be done in April thru June:

Preparing breakfast and dinners for the team
Setting up solar electricity.
Repairing/making eco-toilets.
Pitching tipis & safari tents.
Building eco-friendly shower areas.
Clearing land, trimming trees and gardening.
Creating natural chill out areas.
Constructing a floating wooden structure on the lake for musical performances, etc.

Specific things to be done in May thru October:
Making breakfast
Making Vegetarian/vegan dinners
Welcoming guests
Teaching yoga
Animal carers (dogs, chickens & cats)
Meaningful children animation
Playing guitar :-)

And what can you expect?

Be prepared for sometimes physical work, dirty hands and the need to find solutions in a natural, back-to-basics setting, surrounded by aromatic smells from wild lavender, eucalyptus and pine trees, birdsong, refreshing coastal winds, plenty of adventure and gorgeous natural swimming lakes and awesome colleagues.

What do we ask for?

We ask our volunteers for a minimum commitment of 3 weeks, working 5 days per week and 5 hours a day max. Working hours will vary due to the nature of working with our climate and rhythm of guests. During your free time, you can do your own thing! Most volunteers enjoy visiting some of the many stunning beaches in the area, surfing, walking in nature and travelling around the Algarve.

What will you eat?

We provide a warm healthy lunch on the days you work, either prepared by the volunteers or one of us. You’ll need to prepare your own breakfast and evening meal with ingredients we provide. During your non-working days, we kindly ask you to provide your own ingredients and cook for yourself. Any expensive/special non-vegan or exotic ingredients need to be provided by the volunteers. Since everyone is unique, we can, of course, adapt to the situation with clear communication.

Where will you stay?

We currently have 5 camping tents, two campervans and we welcome volunteers with their own tents or vans. Those staying in our tents will likely share with one other volunteer.

How will you get around?

About getting back and forth between the nearest town (Budens) and our remote paradise; please keep in mind, it’s a bumpy 7km hill ride! Therefore, we recommend coming by car or renting a scooter or motorbike in Lagos. If you don't have a car, we’re more than happy to give our volunteers a ride when we drop off/pick up our children from school or head out for other things, such as shopping and surfing.

What else should you know?

Yoga classes are offered to our guests and you if your helping schedule allows,

We are not a luxurious over-organised resort with shiny facilities or a urban youth hostel. Thus, we work hard and follow our ethos 'the luxury of having less'. Naturally, everything is clean and safe, we have limited Wi-Fi, warm running water during sunny hours, solar power and serve healthy nutritious lunches.

Is that everything?

Yup! If you are NON-SMOKING, like to help us and want to spend time outside surrounded by beautiful nature and positive people, we encourage motivated, open-minded volunteers to come to join our outside adventures.

Oh, and we’d really appreciate it if you mention which things and when your interested in helping us.

Muito Obrigado.
Dave & Sonya
Into the Wild ECO glampsite seeking helping hands Into the Wild ECO glampsite seeking helping hands Into the Wild ECO glampsite seeking helping hands Into the Wild ECO glampsite seeking helping hands