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Help needed in a agro-turismo horses breeding farm

Location: 2985-050 Canha, Portugal
We are a lusitano horses breeding farm and we have 3 country houses and 3 tent lodges that we rent to tourists. It is a family activity. We like to receive people from various countries and culture, it is very rich. And it can be the same with a helper for both of us. Our job consists in welcoming people of various origins and in making them feel good in our environment. Also we try to help them to approach the portuguese culture. But we have also logistical work to do such as cleaning houses and tents, cleaning pools, gardening and watering plants and animals, fixing a fence, take care of the horses….There is a variable number of working hours depending mainly on the number of check-in that occurs the same day. Sometimes we have several houses/tents to clean the same day which is the main job. But the average of time work is more or less a half time job with some days off. We are located in the country, 45’ drive from Lisbon and one hour from the ocean. The local transport exists but is poor. The person who will come helps us will live with us in our house with a private bedroom and she/he will share our lives, food and work. We are looking for someone with good human relationship, smiling, meticulous and responsible.
You can learn more about us on fb “Casas Quinta da Saudade”


Average of 4, 5 hours each day with some days off. Variable schedule.


We buy the food for everybody. Generally we share the main meal. Otherwise each one help himself in the kitchen. The helper has a private bedroom with direct access outside.
Help needed in a agro-turismo horses breeding farm