Artist Creations in the Island of Flowers

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Location: Santa Cruz das Flores, Portugal


My name is Casey Hartnett, co-founder of Associação Cultural Choki Açores, and I would like to thank you for your interest in helping support the community through sustainable means and beautify the island of Flores.

Choki is a charitable organization dedicated to inspiring people to do what they do best and allowing them to follow their passions. Part of that is done by empowering communities to create sustainable lifestyles using the resources and skills they already have.

Our current projects in Flores involve environmental conservation and cultural projects. We are primarily looking for volunteers that want to enjoy an amazing environment and share their passion through gardening or creativity through art with the community.

The island of Flores is one of the world’s greatest environmental treasures, filled with a vibrant community, alive with intellectual energy and dedication of its members. We are looking for active participants that represent the integrity of the pristine nature of the island and the spirit of its people. Our invitation is to outstanding individuals to join a remarkable community of artists, intellectuals, and a culture deeply committed to nature and expanding the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding. Flores is a place that will shape by your presence as you form and test your own ideas, learn from peers, and expand your intellectual horizons while perfecting your passion.

With this being said, we encourage creativity and imagination of all projects that can inspire others for the long term and personal growth.

Current projects include murals throughout the community, community floral gardens, landscape design, traditional stone art, and organic farming.

Join us in unparalleled beauty with individuals of outstanding ability and creativity, focused on becoming the best of themselves for the benefit of others.

  • Artist Creations in the Island of Flowers
  • Artist Creations in the Island of Flowers
  • Artist Creations in the Island of Flowers
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