Help needed in community centres

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Location: Zagnańsk, Poland


Fundacja Alter Edu is a young Polish non-profit organisation, located in a rural area near the city of Kielce. We are involved in a number of activities in the local community, however, the main field of our activity is running two community centres which provide free after school activities for childeren with fewer opportunities who come from disadvantaged families. Within the centres, we offer help with homework, profilactic and educational workshops, foreign language classes, IT and robotics classes, dance, music and art classes, juggling classes, intercultural workshops, recycling and DIY workshops, speech therapy and many more. All for FREE!

We are constatntly extanding our educational offer by inviting creative people to join our team of educators, both for a short-term and long-term stay.

An extra added value is our location, as we are situated in a place surrounded by woods, with an access to a beautiful lake, picturesque ruins of historic steel works, a quarry with footprints of the oldest dinosaur, the oldest oak tree in Poland, and some more natuaral attractions.

We are looking for foreign volunteers to provide the children (aged 5-16) in our centres with extra stimuli, both when it comes to learning foreign languages as well as acquiring new skills. There are many families in our community interested in hosting volunteers who would like to join our team.

As mentioned above, we are looking for creative volunteers who would like to help our children practise their language skills but also encourage them to acquire new skills (shared by a volunteer). If you like spending time with children actively, playing and educating them in a non-formal fun way and if you can stay with us at least for a week, this is a perfect place for you!

There are families in our communities interested in hosting foreign volunteers. There might be different conditions, however, you are granted a private room and full board. After you contact us and we know your expectations as well, we can better match you with a host family :)

You will spend a great time with our children and your host family. You will definitely pick up some Polish and learn a lot about our culture, taste delicious food and get relaxed by contact to beautiful nature. If you are interested in working with children as your career, you will have a chance to test yourself and get some experience! Our team is very supportive and eager to share skills with others :)

There are many interesting places to visit in the local area. You can spend your free time in the countryside or visit the main city in the province and the capital city of the region, Kielce (located only 15 km away). Two regular bus lines and a mini bus make the access to the city easy. You will be also provided with a bicycle.

If interested, do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Help needed in community centres
  • Help needed in community centres
  • Help needed in community centres
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