Help needed on small farm - Norway

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Location: Mesøy, Norway


The farm is located on the island Mesøy, situated about 120 km south of the city Bodø.

I have Spæl (a norwegian breed af sheep), to dogs and a cat. The farm is located on a island with only 15 residents, and the nearest year around living neighbor is about 4 km away. But in the summertime also my closest neighbors are here, only a few meters away.
The farm is very old and under rebuilding. Until I get the main house in order the volunteer helpers will be living in a combi camper. In the main house there is bathroom and kitchen.
Work on the farm is typically seasonal and there can also be som work regarding the ongoing construction, and various other farmwork. The workhours are flexiable and often weather dependent, but on average we work 5-6 hours 5 days a week.
Here we live in the middle of nature and on the days off there is a lot of nature for hiking, and mountains on the mainland if you like summitclimbing, good fishing (both fresh- and saltwater). I have a boat and close to the house there is a beach for those who like to swim (despite the cold water). In the summer we have the midnightsun, and in the winter we have the aurora polaris...:-)

  • Help needed on small farm - Norway
  • Help needed on small farm - Norway
  • Help needed on small farm - Norway
  • Help needed on small farm - Norway
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