help needed in Fredrikstad, Norway

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Location: Fredrikstad , norway


We are a family of five in our late thirties. We have a teenager daughter, and two younger kids in kindergarten. . Oh, and let's not forget the two dogs and the cat! If allergies is an issue be assured that the animals are never allowed in the guest house.
We consider ourselves outgoing, hospitable and friendly.

The mother has pelvic pain after pregnancy and is not able to work, or participate as much in the day to day work around the house as she would like. To increase life quality, reduce workload, and to meet new people volunteersbase was considered a creative solution.

The work will be maintaining the garden with weeding, mowing the lawn planting and such. Helping with the house, such as painting, or simple carpenter-work. If you are positive to spending some time with the kids so they can appreciate other cultures or get to know people from around the world that would be great. If you like animals taking the dogs for a hike is also something that would be appreciated.

We can be flexible regarding the work hours, but not more than 5 hours of work. If you want to go for a day to Oslo we will try to find an agreement that both parties can agree upon.

Our place is on the west side of Fredrikstad with a three minute walk to the bus stop, 30 (probably less) minutes walk to the closest beach and 1 minute walk to the forest with many miles of hiking paths. The last bus from the city center to where we live departs at approximately 23:00. Fredrikstad also has a free town ferry between Gressvik, the city center and gamlebyen (the old town).
Oslo with all its attractions, nightlife, people and activities are just an hour by train away.

We're happy to pick you up at the Rygge airport or at Fredrikstad bus station. We can even at the bus stop down the road if you for some reason are traveling heavy.

The beauty of the norwegian archipelago is unrivaled and with your base here in Fredrikstad you can have a taste of all the tings offered. Fredrikstad is a typical summer city coming to life in early spring. Try our hospitality. I firmly believe you will have a positive experience!

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