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Hostel/Guesthouse in Gozo

Location: Ir-Rabat Għawdex, Malta
I manage a Guesthouse/hostel in Gozo island. Its a part of Malta . I give it a try to Look for a volunteer which can be able to take care of the place in the low Session now.


Depending on Business and bookings
You wake up and you clean the Common areas. After guests checking out you clean the room , as well you Wash the dirty laundry and hang it outside to dry. You can go out all times bec I manage it through self check inns. Just afternoons when you come back check the Common areas. Its fitting currently around 30 people , 9 rooms and its not a huge place , so it probably will take you 2 -3 hours , you can also work the spend you like. Checkout is at 11:00 and check in from 12:00. But probably I ll Change it to 14:00 , if its getting more busy
You ll meet people around the World, as well backpackers. It s currently the cheapest place in gozo, and the only place which offer dormitary


You ll be get a Private room . In low season we offer accomondation. However if you do a good job, during we get busier , I want to Cover your food Costs as well. After you profit yourself good we can talk about . 5 days a week, two days off. If you want to manage it every day but less hours bec you work quick, It will be up to you and better paid .
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