''Nibiru'' Open-Air Festival

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Location: Sidabravas, Lithuania


''Nibiru'' starts its festival life first time this year ! It's the place where we want to create little envirnonmentaly friendly, peaceful, full of fantasy planet which will grow up to community. People who believe love are welcome here ! This festival will be full of psychedelic, ambient, chill, reaggae and acoustic music.

In Nibiru fest will be many workshop's, lecture and activities!
Here is some of them:

Herbalism and herbal healing force,
Hay weave,
body painting (fluorescent)
Wear painting
Contact Improvisation
Morning meditation
Meditation fly with moondrums
Sound theraphy/ Music meditation

Lecture - Neo Shamanism

Festival's "Nibiru" mision is to unite people for joy, help to relax, break away from daily routine, fill hearts with love, warmth for everything, every little thing, creature and to give flight and direction to life. If you are artistic, if you love art, if you love music, of you love people, if connection with wild is important to you, if you cherish knowledge transfer, this gathering is waiting for you!

Our planet will reach earth 25-27 of July. Between Šiauliai and Panevežys, in Sidabravas neighborhood. Lithuania

We are looking for new friends who could help us to build a fest. Come and share with us your experience, knowledge, stories and tips and energy. We would like to meet you!

More information : https://www.facebook.com/events/596774467043148/?fref=ts

With love, Kotryna Šileikaitė

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