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Spirit farm Iceland

Location: selfoss 801 , iceland
Hi potential volunteer!

We are three guys living on a farm which is a commune style, spiritual, permaculture farm and backpackers style B&B. We like to have lots of volunteers and we have two dogs, ducks and a cat.

We have a some of rooms we rent to backpackers support us here at the farm and we need volunteers to help with cleaning, making beds, with the farming and helping with the sweat lodges.

The work we want done is basic. Cleaning the house, doing the rental rooms, doing laundry and helping in and around the farm is expected. The work is very basic and laid back and shouldn't be more than 3-4 hours a day the basic stuff but people are welcome to participate in other work or find things to do.

We encourage people also to chill, play some music, make art, take photographs and walk around our beautiful surroundings.

We like to take our volunteers around an show them the beautiful surroundings, we are in the middle of one of the main areas of Iceland. Close to the golden circle and lots of hot pools and geothermal activity sites.

Besides that, we also have a a Healer Residency Program where we invite international healers from around the world to share their gift with the people who come to visit the farm. If you are a healer and would like to have a space in Iceland to practice your art, please contact us for more info.

You get a nice bed either in a private or shared room. Food is provided. There are nights we have communal dinners and sometimes we don't but we always have food for everyone. It's quite a laid back atmosphere when the chores are done.

A lot of space for small projects and new ideas are always welcome.
We would like people to stay 2 or 4 weeks, prolonged stay is available in some cases.

Once or twice a week we run a Sweat Lodge Ceremony. We heat up 50 rocks on a big fire for 3 to 4 hours. We put the rocks in a middle of a dome. Groups of max 25 people go through a sweat lodge ceremony with a Shaman leader. The sweat lodge ceremonies have been operational since September 2014. It is a Native American ritual that we where taught and we like to help others use this ancient spiritual healing ceremony to conquer they're own fears, insecurities, angers and other things to get in touch with mother nature and our inner selves and others.

We need people with experience in hostel services, housekeeping, gardening and maintenance People with extra special skills are always welcome as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Spirit farm Iceland Spirit farm Iceland Spirit farm Iceland Spirit farm Iceland