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Location: Thórsmörk, Iceland


Our volunteer teams join us for 6-week placements during the summer months. Although the focus of our work is the maintenance of the hiking trail network in Thórsmörk, our work also includes landscape restoration (erosion control), GIS mapping and tree planting.

No previous experience of trail construction work is necessary as practical training will be provided. We are looking for participants who have some experience of camping and hill walking, enjoy wilderness landscapes and are ready for a challenge. Iceland’s notoriously changeable weather means that our teams have to be well prepared with warm clothing, good waterproofs and sturdy tents. Due to the strenuous nature of our work, participants must be physically fit and as many of our work sites are in remote locations; we do a lot of hiking to get to them!

Participants must be 20+ years of age. Once volunteers have joined the programme, food and campsites are provided throughout the duration of the placements (including weekends). There is no participation fee.

Placemant details and application forms can be found on our website:

Applications close on January 31st.

  • Iceland Trailteam volunteers
  • Iceland Trailteam volunteers
  • Iceland Trailteam volunteers
  • Iceland Trailteam volunteers
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