We need help in our Hostel in Budapest!

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Location: Budapest, Hungary


We are PalsMini- a centrally located hostel in Oktogon, Budapest, close to the most important sights. Our guests love our hostel for the spacious rooms, privacy and kind service we have to offer. We have a very friendly and welcoming staff, always happy to share our stories or learn something new from our volunteers!

Our team is looking for volunteers to complement the front desk and cleaning staff. Front desk tasks include welcoming guests, showing their rooms, giving information about our services. Cleaning might include occasional maintenance work as well (such as fixing a boiler), but worry not, you'll be taught everything! Please note: we are a 24 hour hostel, so there may be nightshifts.

Your accommodation is a spacious apartment shared with other volunteers. Please note that instead of food we can offer pocket money: 20€ weekly, plus free coffee and tea all day long :)

The city itself is stunningly beautiful and offers a load of different cultural activities ranging from fine art museums to contemporary improvisational dance performances. At night, the buzzing Jewish district accommodates Budapest's partygoers, locals and tourists alike. Stick around and experience the various identities of this ever-young metropolis!

Besides discovering Budapest, we strongly recommend you to explore Hungary outside its capital - make sure to see the Danube bend with Visegrád castle, Szentendre, Eger, lake Balaton, etc. on your days off!

  • We need help in our Hostel in Budapest!
  • We need help in our Hostel in Budapest!
  • We need help in our Hostel in Budapest!
  • We need help in our Hostel in Budapest!
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