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Help needed to ship my paintings

Location: budapest, hungary
Hello Art Companion!

From around November 15, unfortunaltely this time I can't propose any place to stay or any other compensation (food/humour/happy energy) than to borrow during months my painting materials, two bikes, some other stuffs (can be casserole, pan, kitchen stuff, aquarium! lamps, furniture etc.) and also a few money: I only need a trusty person interested by art who lives in Budapest to agree with him or her to ship my paintings (stocked in Csepel Selfstore not far from the centrum or stored at his/her place) when someone buy them. She/He will have a few hours work only once a week; sometimes there will even be no work at all if no selling :( . He or she should take the paintings in the stock according to the photos I will send him/her once a week, then put them in tubes, adress them and send them worldwide and this during three months while I am in Asia. I will send the shipping cost by Paypal. Therefore he/she should have a Paypal account. In addition, She/He will get 10% of the selling which is not much (maximum 100€ a month more probably a few tens euro every month) but this job can however interest her/him in order to practice the process of artist life.


-- a few hours once a week only (sometimes nothing)
-- I gladly let him/her use my acrylic painting material during this three months, my bike and other everyday stuffs whatever I have and which can improve his/her life :)
-- my staying in Asia November 24 - February 23
-- Csepel Selfstore (where the paintings are) is reachable by HEV (public transportation) ; the store is only at 600 meters from the HEV station, only three steps after Boraros ter (centrum of Budapest). In the case she/he can store herself/himself these paintings she/he can let them to his/her own place and this will make the work even more easy! The paintings are numerous but rolled so they won't take much place (I had them all under a sofa for instance). Warning: it is necessary to be a trusty person as I want to have all my paintings back when I come back in February!

I am looking forward to explain you this easy job. If you want, if you are in Budapest before November 15, we can also paint nice things together for my next exhibition too :)

My artist website is: georgetmodeles.com

Thank you!


Help needed to ship my paintings Help needed to ship my paintings Help needed to ship my paintings
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