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Location: Kea, Greece


I'm French (from Bordeaux) and George is Greek from the island of Kea.
Our farm is small, but has a lot of, lot of to do!! We are used to receiving volunteers from 7 years now.
Georges is a beekeeper and we have olive trees. We are looking for a volunteers to participate in our family work life.
Our land is 8000 sqm. Help can be painting, upkeep of the land, feed animal farm, help for cleaning or for others different things. Help is never the same, depending on the season.
Nothing is difficult, but there is always something to do!
We ask 5 hours help per day (6 days a week), and offer a very nice independant bedroom (35sqm), with shower, TV.
We prefered long-term stay (minimum 1 month).
The meals are taken with the family ...
Please, visit our web site before deciding!
You will find the informations of where we are located.

  • Welcome to La Maison Vert Amande
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