We would like to have help on our !ark farm"

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Location: Xanten, Germany


Our old farmhouse is situated about 4 km outside of the Roman town Xanten on the Lower Rhine. The distance to Xanten can be travelled beautifully by bycicle. The top attractions in Xanten include the Gothic St.-Viktor-Cathedral, the reconstructed harbortemple and the Roman amphitheater in the Archaeological Park Xanten. To relax it is recommended to visit the Leisure Centre of Xanten with attractive sports facilities on the North lakeside. The nature on the south side of Xantens lake is very untouched.
The farm "Gamerschlagshof" has 30 hectares of pasture land and 10 hectares of forest. On all surfaces, we keep an ecological cycle and orient ourselves to the principle of permaculture. The basic principle is an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable management of resources. Our focus is always on the farm animals.
Possible tasks that can arise during your stay, we have listed here. Usually an intern is at the farm to to an internship for their agriculture study. In general they are studying organic agriculture. But we like to have people of any kind of interests, also to avoid a burn-out or just for working outside and help us.
•Daily feeding and care of all animals
•Building of the stalls and pens, white-washing
•Ecological processing of weeds
•Attendance on fairs
~Boiling vegetables
•Practicing health prevention and care of animals
•Gardening (digging, transplanting, hedge pruning)
•Food-procurement, scything
~Help with the bee-keeping
•crafts, making shelves
•pasture maintenance
•Clearing and cleaning up of any kind
In general we provide you a room in the old house of the shepherd (using of kitchen, bathroom, terrace). In this house our 22-year-old daughter is living and there live the interns of the court. There is always a very young, open minded, mixed residential community, which bids you welcome.

  • We would like to have help on our !ark farm
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