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Organically renovated farm

Location: chabeuil , France
We are in the Drome, south east of France, on the foot of the quite wild mountain "the Vercors", an organically renovated farm, as well as a hosting house. This is a vegetarian and non alcohol place totally in Nature (non smoking). we grow our own vegetables, fruits....
We offer to the hosts a place to set back from the city life and take time with oneSelf.
The opportunity we offer is an intense involvement in daily activities, being part of the house, more like 8 hours but with a little of everything to get different experiences. My wish is that you don't feel it as work but as part of family life and developping experience is something in link with Nature and fulfilling you inside. Also you will be cooking at turns to share the daily life, so you need some skills in this :) It is an important experience since you will be in link with the garden composing from Nature to the plate.... . You will have 1 day 1/2 of free time if you still eat with us ( you still help in the meal time then) ... and you can hike, swim, visit nice villages, meditate , learn about EFT (a health technique), or about spirituality or Raja Yoga etc....It can be 2 days if you go out for visits like Lyon, Avignon etc and don't eat with us during that time.
What we would like in exchange of Room and board is your help for whatever there is to do in the vegetable garden or flowers and animals as well as in the house (hosting, cooking, cleaning, handyskills, etc... Or any thing you are good for and that we might need !
We would like you to stay at least 3 weeks.
We need you to be quite autonomous and independent, capable of working by yourself part of the day, as well as sometimes working together. Meals are moment of sharing together. In the summer, there will be more people passing by than in the winter were you must not fear solitude and retreat!
Contact us first by mail, sending information about yourself, with your possible skills and your needs!
We will be happy to meet you if it matches with what we can offer you!

Organically renovated farm Organically renovated farm