I bought a small "castle" 100km away from Paris and I need help in the final stages of renovation -

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Location: Serbonnes, France


2 years ago, I bought a small "castle" 100km away from Paris that had been turned into an old aged home for the last 40 years. The building had been largely damaged. Around the building there is an 8 acres grounds, which I'm turning into a permaculture land. For the last 15 months I've been renovating the house and the grounds, but I'm now tremendously needing help for the last bit of the renovation. Essentially, it concerns the 2nd floor that has to be turned into à 4 en-suite bedrooms with an open plan kitchen-dining room for guests.
I'm originally a builder, as well as an artist. I'm born in France, and I'm 53 years old.

There are 9 comfortable bedrooms, each and any helper will have his/her own bedroom, a good central heating system (heat pump) and 4 showers. Most of the food I buy is local and/or organic ; I do not cook meat more than twice a week. I'm ok to help you with the transportation cost to my place if need be.

Soon we will begin with a one cabaret evening every month. Any artists, even beginners will be welcome to contribute!

I can teach you plumbing, electricity, wall skimming, tilling, flooring .... what ever you name it. The place is the castle of a small French village. The property is surrounded by farmers and woods.
I fluently speak Italian, German and English.

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