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Help needed near Aix en Provence

Location: Aix en Provence, France
May 2019 update: We are not currently seeking help but will update when that changes.

Background information: I live in a country house outside Aix en Provence ( 5 Kms ) in the south of France. I have started to develop some of the land around the house as food growing areas using permaculture principles as a guide. I also started the process of creating a natural bathing pool a couple of years ago and would like to finish this project. As I am not linked to main sewage and water drainage systems, I am in the process of investigating ways of treating black and grey waters using composting worms to support the cleaning of the waters alongside reedbed and swale systems so help to build structures for this would be appreciated. Any skills and enthusiasm welcome.

I can offer a private bedroom + shared spaces, meals and of course free time to explore the Provence countryside. I would envisage around 4 days a week work. I speak English and French, my family lives in Britain and I sometimes have to leave the house. Bicycles available and bus stop close.