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Help for renovating a 600 yrs old farm - 7km from ocean

Location: Ahetze, France
I'm Maritxu (to be pronounced "Maleechoo"), 45, from the Basque Country.
After 20 years living abroad, I am now back home. Home is this amazing 600 years old stone farm in the northern Basque Country (7 km from the ocean), a farm where my family has been living for over a century (a detail in its lifetime). I have been working on drawings for the past months and I am now starting the "real" work to make it breathe again: take off concrete and use eco friendly solutions so that it becomes a place where people feel good to be.


I only consider people willing to stay a week at the minimum.
Main work will include these first steps (more to come as the project will go on):
- move furnitures around,
- take off concrete from walls & floors,
- create a shelter for outside toilets
This is tough hand work. I will provide protection for hands, eyes and hears. I have electrical tools for some part of the work but people coming in will have to be able to use a hammer.
I might need some help in the garden but this might be just one day in the season.
The plan is to work 5 hours a day, from monday to friday, with a break in between. So that you can enjoy the area on your time off.
This might sound tough but I do prefer people to be aware that it is not going to be easy. However, I think the experience will be worth it.
Smoking & parties will not be allowed.


My house is REALLY old, and many people think no one lives in it 'cos it looks SO old, but I do live inside, and I can provide a very simple room (I only have one available) if you're ok in living in such place, or you can pitch your tent or park your van at the front.
We share lunch (preparing, eating & dishwashing) for the days we will be working, my cuisine is mainly made of vegetables, rice, pasta, a little bit of meat, lots of fruits.
You have to provide you own food n make your own meal for breakfasts and dinners, and also for your lunch on the restdays.
In the house, you´ll have access to the kitchen & to the bathroom. There is no "living room" as the farm-lifestyle did not let time to enjoy a sofa, but we could organise one.
One more point to be considered for winters: I only have a chimney in the main room, no heating system in the rest of the house , so be prepared to sometimes feel fresh in the house in winter time. Lots of blankets in the bedroom though.