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Island Community in Stari Grad

Location: Stari Grad, Croatia
We are looking for volunteers to help with the organization of our upcoming course, kitchen hands & forest work in April 2014, please apply: [email protected] or here, thanks!

We are a new sustainable island community, in our first phase of developmental work. The group is promoting a permaculture school and simple & low impact, farming and living systems that promote habitat conservation and self-sufficient livelihood.

Permaculture teachers from our network will be holding "Learn-at-work" camps, during March, April, August & September.
Some group members will visit in March for working on the food forest, building a compost toilet and in
April, Permaculture Design Course will began on the 18th-30th.

During the first phase, we are working on the land, drawing designs for the future structures, using open areas for tent pitches, using compost loos...
Volunteers are invited to visit, learn and share their energy. Please bring a tent, a sleeping bag and working shoes.


*Next visit and group work: 2-9 Nov 2013
*Some photos are here now from the Nov visit, for the next work group being planed for march 2014, please write to [email protected]
*We are looking for web designers in this period for helping with the website. Its mostly online work in exchange for a visit to the island, during the summer!

** 2014 News for volunteers around Europe:

March 4-8 2014, Netherlands
April 1-5, Slovenia

Feb 15th-20th 2014, Portugal

This year, we are building 2 small mass heaters and making new compost toilets. Visit and learn, during a working camp of 5-7 days. limited places are available.
info and bookings: [email protected],
Text us in Italy on: 0039 3271233889
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