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Handyman for Permaculture Homestay

Location: Kirilovo, Bulgaria
Job description: Carry out repairs around the house. Build a three-compartment compost bin from pallets. Convert an old outside toilet to a composting toilet. Help build a rainwater collection system. Put up shelves. Use reclaimed/ucycled materials where possible. Plus various other assignments.

Accommodation: You'll have your own nice guest room (suitable for a single person or a couple). Bathroom is shared.

Location: Kirilovo, a village in the Yambol Province, north of the town of Elhovo. It's an authentic Bulgarian village with a friendly community and vibrant traditions.

Work requirements: 25 hours a week. The schedule is flexible.

Meals: 3 meals per day (we'll arrange who does the cooking when). Mostly vegetarian (plant based).

Transport: Mini buses stop on the Yambol-Elhovo road, 2km from the village. Taxis are cheap. We don't have a car.

Climate: Mediterranean/Continental. Summers are hot, winters are cold, springs and autumns are mild. Overall, the climate is sunny and dry, and milder than in the rest of Bulgaria.

Internet: good and free

Pets: We have cats and dogs, so don't apply if you don't like animals or have pet allergie. If you want to bring your own pets, please enquire, so we can discuss arrangements.

House rules: no smoking in the house.
Handyman for Permaculture Homestay