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Would you like to become a rafting guide (skipper)? Neretva river, Konjic, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Location: Konjic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Hello to all adventurers :) Would you like to become a rafting guide (skipper)?

We would like to invite you to spend an amazing summer of 2019 in our rafting club on river Neretva in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Beautiful nature, clean water, fresh air, rich history, tasty food, aromatic home made beverages as well as friendly locals will make your stay at us the unforgettable experience. :)

What kind of persons we want?
-Up to 30 years old
-Without any major health issue (Heart problems, mental/physical disorders...)
-To be able to paddle (No need to be some sportish athletic person. Just to be able to use the paddle.)
-Persons who would be willing to spend here 2-3 months, or little bit longer if your passport allows...

What we offer?
-Free food, 3 meals a day ... (Lots of high caloric traditional food :) )
-Free accommodation
-Free rafting training
-On a long run, if you find rafting something what you would like to do as your primary or secondary job (income), and we are generally satisfied with your progress, then there is an open option for a pocket money, salary and other benefits... :)

What do we expect from you?
-Your primary task is to get involved in our rafting school, pass the training and become a skipper.
-You will be helping us in all the logisticts involved in organizing massive rafting events.
-You will be helping us with our equipment (Washing, Drying, Storing, Repairing,...)

Additional skills...
It would be super cool (but not strictly required) if you have some of these skills:
-Audio/Photo/Video editing
-Web design
-Graphic design/Illustration
-Creative writing
-Social networking/Advertising/Marketing

We started to operate in 2004 as a small modest family rafting company with just few boats. From the start we set high goals and expressed our wish to attract enthusiast and adventurers from all around the world who like to spend time in nature and to share with them all the beauty that river Neretva has to offer. Today we are a leading outdoor company in the region which hosts yearly more than 5000 guests from all parts of the world.

Please apply only if you are really interested to come. If you are sending a lot of messages to different hosts then we are not a good option for you :) If we accept you and then you decide to go elsewhere but you don’t even inform us, then it is really not fair for other people whom we rejected because we decided to accept you :)

Would you like to become a rafting guide (skipper)? Neretva river, Konjic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
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