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Help need our permaculture estate

Location: Kuljenovci, bosnia
We are a small vegan family, that lives in beautiful nature of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Lady of the house is a full time mum, blogger, published book author, father is an excellent carpenter, a great handyman, baby girl of the house is the happiness of the home...
Come stay with us to get some of our life passion and love we love to spread. At our place you can enjoy peace and quiet that you can only experience in intact nature. Wake up with birds go to sleep with sound of different animals... We have a big land where we practice permaculture and life according to nature. SInce we are a small family on a big land, and with big goals, we need help with a lot of things. Starting from gardening, building, animal care to helping out with our own toddler to helping with guests staying with us. We expect volunteers to help us out with things needed,and in their spare time you can do whatever you like. visit the nearest city that is located 6km away. or go sightseeing the nature we live in. There are rules on the estate, that are no drugs, smoking or alcohol. We only eat vegan natural food, so there is no animal or unhealthy products available while staying with us. There are quiet hours that must be respected, and early mornings (8AM) .