Find your family away from home and teach English in Hai Phong ( a coastal city), Vietnam

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Location: Hai Phong, Vietnam


Be a part of the project. We are an educational social enterprise, seeking support for our organization in Hai Phong. We have been open for 1 year and a half. Our centre is growing bigger every month, so WE WANT YOU!! We firmly believe that education is a fundamental key to human progress, enabling individuals and communities to acquire skills and knowledge that is essential for improving their quality of life. Like most countries in Southeast Asia the youth is disadvantaged by the limited access to the education system.

Current projects we are working on:
- Teaching English for mid- income adults and children
- Working with local volunteer group
- Option to teach English at the local Orphanage ( 2 times per week)
- Currently profits from the Center are used to fund local projects such as supporting the dioxin victim village by visiting them bearing gifts of food and some money.
- Creating meals for poor patients in the hospital in every Friday morning

We operate with English communication classes (reasonable price or free) for the middle class young students. We believe that having the ability to communicate in English makes a valuable difference to the students within these communities as it gives them the chance to apply for higher paid jobs, substantially improving their standard of living and widening their possibilities for future jobs.

We are located in Hai Phong province. The third largest city in Vietnam, which is also a tourism province located 150 km from the City capital of Hanoi. Our place is located in a peaceful neighborhood 45 minutes away from Do Son Beach - the famous beach and 2 hours away from Catba – Pearl Island. The largest, most beautiful island in Halong Bay, the World Natural Heritage Site.

Be apart of our project!!

You will not only have chance to meaningfully contribute to improve local lives but also meet many friendly people, truly explore Vietnamese culture, enjoy traditional food. Some of your students might even take you around the city in a way that you could only experience with the locals. Don't be a tourist. Be a traveler. Come and experience a place of the beaten track. This life does not disappoint.

  • Find your family away from home and teach English in Hai Phong ( a coastal city), Vietnam
  • Find your family away from home and teach English in Hai Phong ( a coastal city), Vietnam
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