Help needed at Animal Sanctuary in Koh Samui Thailand

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Location: เกาะสมุย/ Ko Samui, Thailand


Helping out in our small volunteer based charity organization is very rewarding, but can be challenging both physically and mentally. With that being said – you can learn so much personally and professionally during your time here! You'll be having fun with all the animals and other volunteers, in addition to living on beautiful Koh Samui, experiencing Thai culture and food at its best.


- Animal lovers - as living with animals always brings surprises and things can happen at any time, I do need to be able to count on you in case of emergency, even during your free time.
- We need your commitment - short-notice cancellations and people that are leaving earlier than planned are putting us in a very hard position. If you plan on just coming for volunteering, consider some days before and/or after for traveling/sightseeing only, so you won’t have to change dates once you are here! Also, if you fly directly from f.e. Europe or the US, you might need some resting time before starting.
- We will prioritize long-term volunteers with a minimum commitment of 2-3 months and - 25+ years old (but depends on motivation, work experience and urgency)
- High level of spoken English, French or Dutch
- Previous experience in Thailand/SEA beneficial
- Lots of common sense!!
- Be adventurous, able to work unsupervised, self-motivated and easy-going, while also being a team player

  • Help needed at Animal Sanctuary in Koh Samui Thailand
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