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Help needed for clean and rehab the house in Tainan, Taiwan.

We have a ruined house that we want to rebuild, located in Tainan, Taiwan, and are looking for a long stay in Tainan (at least 1 month, because we don't want you to be working all the time, but have time to experience Tainan.)/People who like wild camping/ Hiking/biking/creative/artistic/have some house reconstruction skills (e.g. cleaning/painting/filling walls/painting...etc.), because people need to move things, people who are too soft are not suitable, hope it is possible People who adapt to the environment of nature and wilderness, who like to challenge, because there is no water and electricity here, although it is so, but there are homes around here, in fact, there is no need to worry too much, there is a swimming pool nearby. The photos are for your reference. Suggestion: It is more suitable for boys or two to be companions.

*Operating hours: Basically, 10:00-17:00 Monday/Wednesday/Friday will choose 4 hours a day, 12 hours of working time per week.
*Provide: Personal camping space (Host will take you to play around when available)
*When you come to the accommodation, we will first introduce you to your surroundings, where you can get resources and play.
*Within 7 minutes of life circle: Elementary School/Cafe/Bakery/Grocery Store.
*Transportation: There is a train connecting the bus to the vicinity of the accommodation.

If you are interested in this, please contact us by filling in the form below. https://forms.gle/XpbwdyBu3Ne5Xxon9

PS, Please pay special attention that this is a workexchange that has no payment and values cultural exchange. If there is no job to temporarily rebuild the house, there will be some small weeding work.
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