Teaching English and Other Subjects and gardening

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Location: Aluthgama next to Bentota Beach., Sri Lanka (Not Malaysia)


We are a teaching couple associated with other community members. we are in a very remote village and willing to host some people those who can teach children Basic English, reading, writing and speaking skills. We can provide accommodation clean room with fan. The helper can choose their own timing to teach children a few hours daily

In addition to these teaching we need some help on the following tasks as well but not a must.You can choose help in what ever you like or choose.

2. We are also in need of helping hand who can train us in bee keeping from the very beginning. We plan to start from scratch.(help to start)

3. We need to learn and build up incubators to hatch chicken and or duck eggs. We want hand in practice and build them as practical and get it successfully
worked. (already started needs improvements)

4. Helping in Keeping a few goats (Need help and guidance to start for willing local people.)

5. Teaching basic sewing.(Need to teach basic to local girls those who like to learn)

6. Teaching and baking bread and Bun (Need assistance to start from the beginning for those who can do it as a self employment or job skill after learning it.)

During your off days you can enjoy swimming, sun bathing and surfing on the beaches. The nearest beach is 1 hour and 15 minutes by public bus from this little village. The bus fare one way is approximately US$0.60 cents.
To see the beaches please click at this links below or above.

Many volunteers have chosen to get food from village families, than cooking in their own. We can get a family to provide you all 03 meals with morning and evening cups of tea and other extra tea or coffee for US$ 7.00 in local currency Rs. 950.00. Some times it can be a good support to a local family too since when they cook together there might be savings for both sides.

Visitors can get electronic visa to which you can apply online from the Department of Immigration and Emigration. You can submit your application.

New Changes and update 14.07.2014
From March 2014 we have moved to a small town in the South west closer to Bentota Beach. Because my wife has been posted to a new state school in this new locality. We are only 1 km from the famous beach. So now we are now re establish the same village Teaching system in the new place too.

Feel free to ask any further questions.

Thank your very much for you have spent your time in reading this posting.

The following are some information about Sri Lanaka. We just googled and give the link for you. you can do your own search and find information that you are interested in exactly.

Thank you.




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