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Build a Backpacker Hideaway in Manila

Location: Manil, Philippines
Ours is the Philippines’ only experimental, alternative traveler house where community-building is most valued. It’s longest-running traveler house in the city and everything you see in the hostel has been built by other travelers, including the painted walls, reception desk, fixtures, etc.

Volunteers are always welcome to help us with ongoing DIY projects, starting one of their own or simply helping run the place smoothly. The most crucial element is to enrich the friendly, open community we are most known for.

If you are an easy-going, smiley and positive traveler then perhaps you can help us with...

* Launching and facilitating a youth literacy program in our neighborhood.
* Constructing and maintaining a rooftop urban garden & chicken coop.
* Adding art installations in virtually any and all spaces between 5 floors.
* Welcoming and orienting new foreign arrivals into the House.
* Cleaning and preparing rooms daily, shopping in the nearby street market.
* Creating a breakfast menu for visitors and initiating a host family dinner program.
* Training neighbors to lead walking tours of the 3 cemeteries in the city.
* Leading strolls around the neighborhood and the city.
* Erecting wall divisions for new guest rooms, painting walls.
* Plan a unique hostel and community event/activity of your own!