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Location: Pokhara, NEPAL


Situated on the hillside overlooking the picturesque Shyankhudi valley and the majestic Begnas Tal lake, we are certainly not your ordinary,run-of-the-mill farm.

The farm was started 30 years ago (1987 AD) by my parents, Surya Mohan Bastola and Sita Devi Bastola, and has now become a thriving oasis of plant and animal life. Overall, there are more than 500 species of plants that have been deemed useful to humans and/or animals. These are mostly made up of vegetables, fruit trees, and medicinal plants. Everything at the farm is 100% organically grown, without the use of any chemical pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, etc.

All the fruits and vegetables that are eaten on a daily basis come straight from our very own soil (besides the odd addition from neighbours` farms). We also receive fresh milk daily from our two family buffaloes. On special occasions, we may catch some fish from one of our ponds. The diversity and richness of plant life here makes our home the perfect abode for many beautiful birds, butterflies, insects, and other animals (both small and large).

We grow and harvest many different fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices; but our most prized crop is that of Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper). We are the first farm in the Western Development Region of Nepal to successfully grow this plant. Besides being a highly renowned cooking spice, organic Piper Nigrum has a multitude of medicinal benefits. It is also the perfect permaculture crop, as it does not require it`s own area to grow. Instead, you will witness hundreds of Piper Nigrum vines climbing their way up the variety of trees in a harmonious symbiosis.

Although we are first and foremost a fully functioning and producing organic farm, we are also a center for growth, personal development (mental, physical, and spiritual), learning, sharing and experiencing a new way of life. One of the unique aspects of our farm is that we have managed to combine traditional Nepalese farming methods and knowledge with new and experimental approaches. As such, you have the opportunity to learn from the ancient expertise that exists, as well as freely contribute with any ideas you have.

We have maintained our authenticity as a family owned and run farm. We are as down-to-earth and genuine as you can get, as well as being innovative and forward-thinking. Life is beautifully simple here. There are certainly no luxurious or expensive facilities, but our family and the many other wonderful people that call this place home prefer it that way.

We warmly open our gates and hearts to all those who would like to learn about authentic organic farming, the identification and use of medicinal and other edible plants, Nepalese language and culture, as well as the very best Nepalese cooking on earth made with mastery and love by our dear Ama (mother).

Whether you would just like to visit, or stay some time, you are always most welcome here. Home is there where the heart is. We have wifi facility.

Financial contribution: As our farm is small-scale family run farm and sometimes the work is also seasonal, there is a small financial contribution expected Nepali rupees 600 (6 USD per person per day) from the people to provide them decent organic farm foods , vegetables, fruits and accommodation.

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