Children Education and meditation centre near Yangon Myanmar

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Location: Yangon, Myanmar


Duty time is about 5 hours, Duties include
1. Cleaning the building, toilets and bathroom.
2. Gardening,
3. Teaching English
4. Book editing and transcription if you are good in English.
5, Rubbish throwing and general help.
6. Taking care of dogs.

For vegetarian, vegetarian food will be provided. and Accommodation will be given.
We have simple breakfast with bread/cookies and coffee, lunch and dinner with rice and few dishes. Meals will be at 7.30am, 11pm and 5.30pm.

Conditions for volunteers to come to our centre.

1. Are interested in meditation AND Buddhism. If you are only interested in meditation, then do not write to us.
2. Willing to stay for at least TWO weeks. If you are not able to commit yourself for three weeks to volunteer here and also to learn meditation and Buddhism from us, do not write to us.
3. We prefer non-smoker and non-drinking volunteers. You should abstain from smoking or drinking during the two weeks staying with us.
4. All volunteers must keep five main morality/precepts in our centre.
a. Do not kill or harm sentient beings.
b. Do not steal, or taking things not given.
c. No sexual activities.
d. No false speech including telling lies, slandering, harsh speech and gossiping.
e. No intoxicant such as cigarette, drugs, alcohol, wine, beer.

5. We prefer volunteers to "dress down" and have quiet behaviour, not to use perfume or make-up , and no singing and dancing as you are in a meditation centre, not a party or backpacker hostel.

There will two meditation sittings with chanting in the morning 4.30 am and night time 6.30 pm. Basic Buddhism and meditation discussion is at 6.30pm. Duty is from 8.00 am to 11.30am, and 3pm to 5.00pm. Own rest time is 11 pm to 5pm. Morning and night are own meditation practice with meditation guidance help from our chief nuns.

If you can fulfill the above conditions, please write to us at [email protected]
Thank you.

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