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Strays Dogs rescue non-profit shelter need help in daily care

Location: Sungai Petani, Kedah , Malaysia
This is a non-profit organisation doing strays dogs rescues. I was a volunteer for this NGO before 2020, I hear the ex-council decided to close this shelter down and the decision make in just 1day. This is too sudden, and they decided to put to sleep all the disabled furkids ( they are disabled but they happy living there and love food I don’t think they want to die), this is the reason why I went being a volunteer and become the principal of this poor and small shelter.

Only two of us, we don’t have one day rest, we work for them 365days for furkids in shelter.We really hope that we can have someone who willing to spend time with them(furkids), helping us in shelter daily care and also give furkids some accompany.

~Nowadays, our mainly need is helper in shelter daily cleaning and feeding task.

~Help do the daily cleaning work: cleaning cage, cleaning floor, cleaning pee and poo(with shovel), wash dishes, help bring food to every cage… and also can help in bath dogs cut nails and play with dogs after finished daily cleaning and feeding task…
All of them are vaccinated.
VOLUNTEERS will have 2days day off after 5days work.


~ My housing area is a place which almost have everything, a park for jogging, Lotus’s super market, saloons for hair nails facial and massage, many restaurants: Indian/ Chinese/ Japanese/ Korean/ Malay/ and many more, including some hawker food centre and also bakery . There is also Cinema and swimming pool nearby .

~ In my house, Tv, living room, dinning room, kitchen all you can use, but only washing machine I prefer not to share this is for some hygiene reason. There are a self serving laundry shop just nearby my house.(less than 5minutes walk)

~ Our place is a quite local place, without a touristic area. But we have a [mangrove forest ] nearby my house, and also a small archeology area with a small archeology museum. Museum place name: Lembah Bujang. You can find some details online.
【Place you can visit】:
* Merbok River: Mangrove forest area
* Gunung Jerai: small moutain with some resort
* Archeology Museum: Lembah bujang
* Paddy fields: rice farms
* Penang Island

**** we are not very far from Penang Island.
From our place to Penang island you need take a train or bus to butterworth station ( cost around RM3.80)and at the same station is a ferry terminal too, take a ferry to Penang island (cost you around RM1.20), and you will arrive exactly in the Georgetown, Penang Island. (Usually volunteer will go in the morning during their day off, they will follow our car to shelter but we will drop by volunteers to the station before we arrive in shelter so they no need to find their own way to the station and can get in bus or train easier to go discover Penang Island)
~ We not able to provide every meal. But I will have milk , bread, jam, oats, cereal and others for you guys to eat breakfast at home. A simple brunch also available in shelter too.

# After back from shelter, volunteers can cook or buy food nearby by them-self, my housing area is very convenient area with a lot of shops, lotus’s supermarket and also shopping mall. (It is just about 5minutes walk)

# Volunteers is allowed to cook in the kitchen and of course allowed to use our fridge.
~ Just make yourself at home.

~ There will be a room for you, and it is a bathroom in the room. So you don’t need to go to the living room’s bathroom to take shower and use toilet. You can have more privacy.

~Will you ok with my dogs at home that seriously afraid of strangers?
They need more time to get close to you, the volunteers visited before, the dogs at least need few days to get used to their stay.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They looks aggressive sometimes when they barking towards you, but this is because just they are afraid to see strangers in our house, need to take some times and a big point is “give more food to them” will do. Food always is a good way to make friend with dogs.

~~~~if you want to see their(Dogs) videos and photos with other volunteers, please contact me in WhatsApp I will send it to you before you decide to come join our volunteering work.

They are 6 of them, although they are in my house , but all of them are also rescue cases from the streets. For some situations I rescue them and they stay at home but not shelter.

^^1st: Girl( Jing Jing) this is the first dog in this house and she is very friendly and love all human,
^^2nd: Boy (Bobo) a little bit afraid but will get used to strangers very fast,
^^3rd: Girl (Ola) super super afraid of strangers and barking very often.
^^4th: Boy (Guai Guai) afraid of strangers will always hide under the sofa, the key to unlock his heart is a comb to comb his ^~^ big fat ass.
^^5th: Boy(MongMong) always afraid of strangers but only stay outside of the house, he afraid of BOBO and feel comfortable to stay outside of the house.
^^6th:Girl(SingSing) very crazy and very afraid of strangers also like to bark. Sing sing is the one love all type of food, even plain bread she will love to eat. Every morning when volunteers go downstairs for breakfast, SingSing looks aggressive but when volunteers start having breakfast she wait beside to see if anyone can give some food to her.

!!!!!!!! They are afraid of strangers, need more time to get use to new people. This is why I set the minimum stay is 2-3weeks, because if always change new guest, they need time to get use to new people and I will be very busy to help handle them every time new guest arrive. And I am not able to all day long handle dogs at home for volunteers who very afraid of dogs in my house. For our place , we are totally full filled by dogs no matter in shelter or in the house, when dogs not get close to you, you can’t really help in this task.

*** They will not get used to you automatically after days, this need volunteers that really love dogs and willing to spend time with them, stay in the same space, playing small game with treats. [Food always is the good key to unlock dog’s heart] .

From volunteering program, I meet many good people who have really soft heart and kindhearted, I even can see LOVE from their eyes no matter they deal with a beautiful , friendly, cute dog or ugly, sick, disabled, aggressive dogs. Their LOVE is equally.
Strays Dogs rescue non-profit shelter need help in daily care Strays Dogs rescue non-profit shelter need help in daily care Strays Dogs rescue non-profit shelter need help in daily care Strays Dogs rescue non-profit shelter need help in daily care