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Kebun Kalleo Farm - Malaysia

Location: Kesang Pajak, Malaysia
Kebun Kalleo is managed by the Sojourners and Farmers, Inn and Christine. Their desire is to see Kebun Kalleo becoming a place of solace, where people would enjoy God's lovely creation. The Farmers desire to live a quiet life-style, the kind that is left ignored by the over technologically connected modern world. Once get too connected with whatever that takes away too much of your attention from our Maker God, they think it is not wise. They want to enjoy God’s provision in their life. Perhaps they are both influenced by their grand-parents and parents who worked in the agriculture industry. They enjoy working close with nature! In the mean-time, they are putting newly acquired farming knowledge (learned from experienced farmers and reading up through the websites) into practice on their farm. Collecting unwanted kitchen garbage, garden lawn are part and parcel of their job, so don’t be surprise if you ever see them picking up bags of thrown-away bones from the eateries; sweeping up chicken, goat and cow dungs from any animal farm or zoo :) , they are turning these ‘garbages’ into golden fertilizer for their vegetable garden. Their farm, Kebun Kalleo is 4.57 acres in terms of size. Currently it is planted with 30 Durian trees with mixture of Musang King, 101, and D24. There are also 2 Duku Langsat trees, 1 Belimbing Buluh (Averrhoa bilimbi), 2 lime trees and a few thousand species of un-identified wild flowers and herbs. Kebun Kalleo is a chemical-free farm. It is intentionally created to achieve a healthy balance between nature and farming. Not every insect is seen as pest, every unrecognized plant as weed here; it is a farm where nature finds harmony with new knowledge, techniques and materials available in the modern world today. Kebun Kalleo stresses the importance of looking after the soil! She sees maintenance of microbial populations as the key concept. It is within this framework of enhancing the nature cycles within an ecosystem that Kebun Kalleo expounds the benefits and utilizes the practice of nature farming with Effective Microorganism, EM. Kebun Kalleo will be populated with more fruit trees, vegetables, herb and live-stocks in a near future. It is progressing at a rather slow pace while looking for stay-in passionate workers and farm volunteers to speed up the process. Do drop by if you feel like coming for a visit, there is no edible vegetable on the farm now, but you could still enjoy the humming birds, that is for sure!

Kebun Kalleo has a facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/KebunKalleo It records the happenings on the farm. Kebun Kalleo is situated in a peaceful village - Kesang Pajak, a 20-min car ride away from Ayer Keroh tollgate. Other than enjoying the greens on the farm, our farm Visitors usually like to plan for relaxing and leisurely sight-seeing in the Historical City of Malacca (aka Melaka) where they get to see A-Famosa, Stadhuys, Jonker Walk (during the weekends); they go for the famous Baba-Nyonya Peranakan food too :) :)
Kebun Kalleo Farm - Malaysia Kebun Kalleo Farm - Malaysia