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Organic farm

Location: Japan, Kimotsuki •Kagoshima
I wasn’t expert in organic farm but I want to become expert ones.
Last year I grow Non GMO vegetables to collected seed from them.
And collaborate with local farmers to learn white what that they are doing and applied in my own land using low energy and low cost farm.
My purpose is for self sufficiency “my farm to my plate”.

Activity of Work:
General Organic Farming
Effective Microorganisms&Ece Enzyme,
Sustainable Farming,Small Scale, Chili small farm,2023 we target Rice Farming,Vegetable Farming,Herb Growing,Using Your Own Seeds some common seed non GMO)、Eating Brown Rice(sometime white) and Vegetables、salt making, Producing Processed Food
Japanese &indonesian Cooking,Hot Spring
Children intercultural class


General farming,Weeding
Gathering grass,Seeding,Planting seedlings in the ground,Harvesting,Sifting soil,Sprinkling & compost for chicken droppings,making solid& liquid fertilizer &pesticide ,mixed organic compost chicken & cow droppings,Planting rice plants,Reaping rice,Threshing,Thinning out seedlings

Schedule :
7:30-9:00 break fast &room cleaning
9:00-11:30 work
11:30-13:30 lunch and rest
13:30-16:00 work
16:00 free time(dinner and discussion)

5H/day, 5Days / week
Holiday usually at rainy day or Saturday and Sunday


Single bunk beed & single in guest room
Share kitchen with other guest

Meal prepare by self , we give tool for cooking and guest Can use vegetables from our farm with our knowledge.
Due to we are moslem it’s not allowed use alcohol pork and it’s derived material.
We do not like over food and dispose them.
Make food as our needs

Internet prepare by self and use in your free time

If you interested to local people activity I ll take you there in your free time.

Organic farm Organic farm Organic farm Organic farm