Bungo Ono

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Location: Bungo Ono, Japan


Hey there everyone! My name is Alex and we operate a Lodge located in the deep country side of Bungo Ono, Oita.
This Lodge is under a company called Joy Village which is a city rebuilding company, mainly focusing on tourism and family oriented activities (especially in the summer) in order to bring some much needed publicity to this beautiful place! We are looking for eager helpers that don't mind the heat but have an curiosity for the rural countryside of Japan!
We will provide breakfast, lunch, and housing for cleaning work!

2019/04/26 - 2019/05/07 or July and AugustDuration of stay:
For April/May we would like to have the same helper the entire duration (11 days). For July and August, it is up to the helper how long they would like to come work but for no shorter than 2 weeks.

Maximum number of helpers: 2

We will be providing one of our tree shaped houses(shown in our pictures) for our helper(s)!

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