New Colors- Educational center for underprivileged village children in India

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Location: Edayanchavadi, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India


New Colors is a learning and creativity educational center. Our main goal is to provide a free after-school supportive and enriching environment for underprivileged village children.

located in Edayanchavadi, a village in a rural and poor area of Auroville, Tamil Nadu. Despite recent strides in education that have brought state literacy levels up to 80%, children in rural schools receive poorer educational advantages and incentives from their home environment. Our aim is to provide them tools, knowledge and motivation to study, and give them a better chance to compete in the rapidly developing Indian economy.

We encourage a Holistic view on education
Developing creativity and scholastic motivation through creative teaching and homework assistance
Ensuring sustainable development with awareness of social responsibility
Assessing and catering to each child’s needs: Engaging and nurturing the children’s mental, emotional and spiritual well-being

New colors welcomes volunteer’s new and creative initiative projects to enrich the children, as well as participating the afterschool program (occurs between july to april)

Short term volunteer
“Just Be” volunteer project (in Auroville)
Just come and be as you are. Just your communication with Children in New Colors will open their eyes about the future and the world.
We value every person’s quality, personality and uniqueness within themselves. So, come and “Just Be”.

Long term volunteer (More than a month)

New colors volunteers will become a part of New colores family, be encouraged to bring new ideas and projects in any field -
To enrich and develop the children’s minds.

We offer accommodation for our volunteers- for more information contact us

  • New Colors- Educational center for underprivileged village children in India
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