Unique Chance of experiencing local Cambodian life while making a huge improvement for our students!

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Location: Takeo province, Cambodia


You will be helping the students practice english by making conversations with the students and occasionally by leading classes. Your help would also be appreciated in other areas such as: business, marketing, development of the school grounds and of course IFLS.
You can do with your free time as you wish. We have plenty of exciting ideas though. You could visit the old temple Phnom Da. It's a historical monument of Cambodia and was built in the 6th century. It's also always fun to visit the local community. People here are very friendly and amazing. For local sights you can visit the nearby pagoda or river. The people here speak Khmer and some of them can speak and understand a little of English.
The accommodation itself is part of the family home. Kreng's family are very generous, kind and friendly people. They will warmly welcome you into their home where you will feel very relaxed.

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