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Help the Children in the Rural Area of Takeo to Improve Their English

Location: Takeo, Cambodia
Hello, I am Sophea. Me and my wife run an English school in a rural area near Takeo in Cambodia. I built the school from scratch with the help of my family, donators and volunteers. We are still improving the school thanks to donations (new roof, ...).
There are many ways that you can help us and you can be part of our project, depending on how much time you have to spend with us. Frankly, we need everything, and we need everyone. If you have time to share same ideas, passions and talents to help the students – join us as a volunteer and live and eat at the school with local teachers. For those who do not have time and are not able to join us physically but would still like to help with donations for example.

Indeed in the 1970s, Cambodia’s brutal Khmer Rogue regime contributed to the mass extermination of two million people including intellectuals, thereby completely destroying education in the country. The country was left with nothing. Over time, Cambodia has been slowly developing again. Presently, it seems everything is back to normal, and a large number of schools have opened and continue to open.

Unfortunately, many of them do not provide appropriate progression to gain a better start in life for certain children. Problems mainly involve all disabled children, such as children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). These children are very sensitive, shy, and struggle in other areas, especially the ability to communicate and relate to others. However, they also have a unique set of skills, so they sometimes test in the average or above average range.

Additionally, children with intellectual disabilities have less ability than normal children of their age and often struggle in a regular classroom. Teachers, parents and community members in small villages of Cambodia are not trained or educated on these disorders, and schools are not properly equipped. These children are rejected, forgotten and abandoned from their local communities and forced to stay at home without an opportunity for any education.

Please come and help us to teach English to some of the most kind hearted, yet impoverished people in the world. You can truly make a positive difference here, and the teaching is fantastic fun! Hope to see you soon :)


The classes are scheduled every weekday from 1pm to 4 pm.
Volunteers will be in the class with the local teacher.


We provide a basic but comfortable room with bathroom shared among volunteers. Accommodation is provided free, however we do ask for costs towards food (provide three meals a day (vegetarian welcomed)), water, electricity, and many things for 07USD a day. Simply because we are a small donation funded school, and finances are incredibly tight. We also now provide free WiFi in the school, making keeping in touch with loved ones very easy.

Volunteers can reach us by train or shared taxi from Phnom Penh or Kampot for example. Volunteer may visit the beautiful setting of Treang District, Takeo Province, Cambodia about 80km south of Phnom Penh which is the capital. We are 30km from the stunning hilltop palace of Phnom Bayong. We are driving distance from Treang District, and the surrounding countryside is encircled by the Bayong Kour mountains. The town itself has a thriving market, and plenty of restaurants and shops within walking distance of the school. The school itself is a relaxed, yet productive environment teaching around 100 students.
Help the Children in the Rural Area of Takeo to Improve Their English