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Gardening in Los Angeles

Country: United States · City: Los Angeles

Hi. I want to offer my house for two different kind of help: 1) Anybody that will help me with part of my job which is to fix cymbals. I'll teach you how to do it in less than one hour. All I need is 1 or 2 hours a day of your time for around two weeks. 2) I want to offer my house for any GARDENER. ...

Intentional community in Forkes

Country: United States · City: Forks

Greetings! We have been living on our 5 acres out here for two years now. We are an intentional community with three permanent residents at the moment. Our priorities are community, food independence, non-violent communication, permaculture... raw and cultured dairy! We live in a beautiful area wher...

Urban model of sustainability and community service

Country: United States · City: Deland

We are building an urban model of sustainability and community service. We will need Deckhands for floating hostel and tour boat. Work=Maintenance and construction of floating housebarges as part of creating a non-petroleum grid of sustainability, tour guide for nature/history/survival tours, experi...

Self sufficient farm next to the Kootenii River

Country: United States · City: Moyie Springs

I have a almost totally self sufficient farm next to the Kootenii River. We make all our own juices, jams, and dry all excess garden produce. We also do a lot of wild harvesting. Allways lots do to and your meals will be included and your accommodations. Also set up at farmers market. . we also have...

Small cabin rental B&B type Quadra island

Country: Canada · City: Quadra island

We live on 16 acres ocean front on a small island off of Vancouver island. Called Quadra Island one of the gulf islands. We have a small cabin rental B&B type, fire wood cutting machine , large organic garden, kayaks, bicycle. The exchange for accommodation would be to work firewood, trail work ...

Gaia Farm

Country: Argentina · City: Buenos Aires

we offer a volunteer program in some periods of the year. The minimum stay period for volunteer is 7 days, and if the experience has been successful for all, you can stay for a longer period Please read it and if you agree send back the application form,clarifying when are you willing to come, as w...