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Volunteers Base is a platform where users/hosts can submit details about worldwide volunteering opportunities with the only goal of finding volunteers keen to participate in different projects in exchange of food and accommodation. This site does not encourage paid labour of any kind, requesting paid work or visa sponsorship is not allowed and users doing so will be suspended. The deals made between Hosts and Volunteers are totally private and this site doesn't take any part in it.

The content of this website is entirely submitted by users.
Through this Site, emails, web addresses, and other media are made accessible to its visitors, including, but not limited to, images, contact details, comments and other material and information (collectively created “Content”). Users may have the ability to contribute, add, create, upload, submit, distribute, collect, post, or otherwise make accessible ("Submit") Content.

VB does not endorse and holds no responsibility for any content submitted by users.
Users are responsible for all their submissions and may not post any messages misrepresenting themselves as someone else, or using false information.

Reasons why accounts can be Suspended or Terminated
- Paid work and/or Visa sponsorships requests.
- Spam messages or any other form of abuse.

We encourage Hosts and Volunteers to communicate extensively and to clear up all their doubts before making any agreement.
Volunteers should inform themselves about the project they are applying to by using the Internet to find extra information, asking their potential Host for feedbacks from previous Volunteers or any other references. Hosts are advised to ask the Volunteers about their previous experiences and motivations, feedbacks from other Hosts or any relevant references. When both meet personally, reproducing any form of identification is recommended.