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Sailboat work in Grenada Caribbean

Location: Carriacou, Grenada
I sail, live and work on a classic British sailboat. It's my home and my office. And it sails to amazing locations. Now after crossing the Atlantic and island hoping in the SE Caribbean during the past years, I took her to a shipyard in the amazing small island of Carriacou, for some maintenance and improvements work, as boats like to be taken care of so they can take care of us. I also took some time off and in June 2022 I'll be back on the island and get to work. Completing boat tasks is probably the most satisfying work ever. Learning & teaching also give me great joy to me. Once back in the water I will be sailing: there are several options and they will be decided upon once time comes. This is a simple, strong, safe and comfortable British built boat. My sailing style is low budget, high energy and conservative.


An amazingly interesting variety of tasks that we will work on together - fiberglass, hull paint, installing mast steps, installing batteries, some plumbing work, and more. I'll be working on the boat 7 days a week, for 8 hours or more daily, but will rarely miss my morning and evening swim at the nearby beach. You can choose how many hours you wish to work, minimum of 5 a day, but I am looking for a person who is high energy, likes working with their hands and wants to learn as it is all a very satisfying learning process. Carriacou is a very relaxed place with many interesting ppl.


We sleep in the boat cabins. You will have your private cabin. Since we are not in the water, toilet and shower is in a shared facility in the boatyard. We access the boat on a ladder as it is on stands in the shipyard.
Sailboat work in Grenada Caribbean
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