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Location: Tasmania , Australia

NO second Visa here! I prefer visiters stay for 8/21 days. I have a small acre on the way to Cradle Mountain, heaps of walks, swimming in rivers,waterfalls, Lake Barrington canoeing, fishing, tennis, barbecue, and a walk around Cradle Mountain 'World Heritage' National Park will cost you $40 for petrol to Cradle Mountain for 1 person, 2 or 3 total. I have a FREE National Parks pass you can use. I like to take visitors to the West Coast if they pay for the petrol, as it is my favourite place to show off.

You will garden, mow the lawn, fix fences, chop wood, cook on wood stove to heat the water, look after 3 sheep, 5 hens 1 rooster and 1 big black cheeky dog called Boo! He helps round up the chickens and does tricks. Ha!

I can supply some basic foods so you need to ring me to see what I have NOT got in my small fridge. I often have a load of some food like plums, potatoes, garlic etc. and have some lamb and raspberries etc. in the freezer and fresh now mulberries.

NOTE: I live simply and have no income. Due to the cold spring weather and my late return from Alaska, My veggie garden is limited as my house sitters did NOT put in my seeds for the summer, SORRY!

BY0 Coffee, alcohol, nuts, food, biscuits, drinks, (for Cradle Mountain walk) honey, butter, cream, yoghurt and any other nibbles after or before meals.

I drive to town to shop once every 2 weeks and hopefully I can pick you up on my shopping day, you will need to contribute to petrol. It is a drive 40 mins into town and out again. Cost $25.00

I try to be self sufficient recycling, saving water (soft garments hand wash while in the shower) when there is not enough rain. I burn wood to heat the stove + hot water for the shower.

I have room for two three for volunteers, but can squeeze in another couple on floor mats or tents. I am also a couch surf host.

YES ..I am looking for a 'House Sitter' June to October 2014 Must have references with phone numbers and be able to do handy person skills, keep house and garden tidy and clean, care for 4 sheep and 1 ram, chickens and of cause BooBoo my wonder dog.

Cell phones only work up the road, not at my home.

I am an artist with a passion for glass. I also teach painting, glass, and massage. I am renovating my home so bring along your skills in gardening, fencing, cooking, computer, and home repairs. I love to exchange cooking culture ideas, so have a play in my kitchen. I am a Permaculture teacher and film maker/photographer.

Please ring me o3 64921310. No sms.

Cheers and have a great day!
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