Interior decorator/designer needed in Ivanhoe, Melbourne

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Location: Ivanhoe, Australia


I live in quiet 2 bedroom villa unit right in the heart of Ivanhoe, 10kms from the CBD. My place is in walking distance to the train station, buses, library, shops, wine bar and gym.

I'm a friendly, social, 42 year old busy professional and am running my own business in the health care sector, which includes some work from home. I also love heading out to social events, festivals, pubs/bars and keeping fit. I don't tend to have lots of people over visiting, as I'm more often going out. I enjoy having music on from time to time around the place, and I'm a big fan of electronic music like techno, house, drum and bass, dubstep, trap, break beats etc.

I am looking for someone with experience/qualifications in interior decorating and design, and who can provide evidence of their work. Please do not contact me if you have no experience with decoration/design.

The arrangement I'm seeking is approx. two hours of work per day in exchange for free accommodation. Please note that bills (including food and cooking) are NOT included, thus gas, electricity, water and WiFi bills will be split with me 50/50. You will pay for and cook your own food. I've chosen this so that there is incentive to be as environmentally friendly and as efficient as possible in terms of minimising consumption of energy etc. Also, I can be out a lot so am not available to be cooking meals for someone. I could be open to negotiating the bills with more work hours, however. I'm seeking someone like-minded, who can fit in and be a house-mate, whom I connect with personally (because I will need to like this person's vibe and styling to trust their advice). I am seeking someone 25-50 years old who can speak English fluently so I can also get some admin support if needed for my business. Thinking 1-2 months to start with.

One example of the work I need done is for the person to choose tiles, shower, vanity etc for a bathroom renovation. This includes getting samples, matching colours and so forth. Once a combination is found that I like, I will then need the person to buy the items so I am ready to go with the renovation. I will need furniture for some rooms (that I will pay for, of course), and other things such as rugs, curtains/blinds and even things like pictures on walls. I am wanting second-hand furniture etc to be used wherever possible, so the person can have fun looking for bargains and so forth. We can even go shopping together if need be, or hang out over a glass of wine discuss ideas!

Aside from the interior design and decoration, other jobs such as cleaning, gardening, cooking and errands etc may also be requested as needed.

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