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Intentional community, 120 ppl in 12 villages

Location: Bundagen , Australia
I live on an intentional community, http://bundagen.com.au, where the ocean & forest meet, surrounded by national park. About 120 people live here in 12 villages.
I prefer people who are health conscious, non-smokers. The meals are vegetarian plus fish.

I am a 60 yr. old male. I teach Zenergetics Somatics throughout Australia, simply Google “Zenergetics Somatics” for more info & videos youtube.com/user/zenergetics?feature=guide. I like to start the day together with an early morning practice, then a walk and/or swim, then breakfast, then work for 4 hours. There is caravan accommodation.

I need people who are used to working on their own and have experience in gardening. There is always some maintenance needed and little building jobs. My place is fairly rustic, 3rd world, your contribution & TLC will be most welcome & appreciated.

Bundagen is a beautiful piece of paradise ... come and give it a try!