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Location: Camillo, Australia


(¯`·.·´¯) VEGAN (¯`·.·´¯) VEGAN (¯`·.·´¯) VEGAN (¯`·.·´¯)
We only take vegans or those willing to consume delicious plant based food in our home.

We have hosted over 200 people.

CURRENT GUEST SITUATION: 1 Japanese girl and 1 Japanese guy – “unknown to each other”. The Japanese will be here all December.

From 12th December: we will have the following additional accommodation.

1. A basic double room with one queen bed.
2. A basic single room with one single bed.

From 28th December: we will have the following additional accommodation.

1. Single room with one single bed

(¯`·.·´¯) We take guests all over Christmas and new year (¯`·.·´¯)

All persons/couples will have a private room. Beds: king singles and queen size double.

FOOD: (see references) (no contact details on this page) We ONLY accept contact via, it is the only fair thing to do.

An average of NO MORE than 2 HOURS PER DAY - 5 DAYS PER WEEK - If we start painting a room – we usually finish, it may take 3 hours – We will NOT ask you to work more than TEN hours per week, however, there are those that have “chosen” to work more and some people have even stayed stayed here over 6 months. Everyone's different :-)

Due to the very low hours, food is not included in your stay. We ask you to agree on $US68.00 *per person* - *per week*, (about $US9.75 per day) for ALL your meals (COOKED FOR YOU), electricity/gas costs, fuel, and more. The $US68.00 covers seven days and not just the days you are working. The meal charges are VERY low and of course subsidised by us, basically you are contributing to a "pot" where we ALL chuck in to cover ALL meals & Snacks - COOKED FOR YOU. There is NO profit in this - we have used US Dollars as a universal currency. Please convert to your home currency to get the feel of the price. This site: will give you an indication of your costs (Whether or not you stay here :-))

We are a family home and fairly laid back – limited work available. So if you are looking to contain your costs… whilst having loads of free time, we may suit you.


· we have four bicycles you are free to use + helmets. Beautiful cycle paths around us.
· we also have a canoe, with oars, you can use on the nearby “champion lakes”
· great walking/jogging tracks around the lake – it is 5 kilometres around our lake.
· we “offer” to take you with us, to places that we hope will interest you and show you “our “aussie” world”.


We need handy men/women for lot’s of different jobs | -- two hours per day – | 5 days per week (flexible)


We ask that you assist with regular household "chores" as do all hosts that i know of. So what does this mean? - (when you are home) - please help prepare meals, peel potatoes, chop onions/garlic etc., Sweep floors, mop floors, clean toilet/shower. Also please keep your room tidy and please do not leave backpacks etc., leaning against walls. All walls have been freshly painted within the last year. If you were home, most likely you would need to do all these things – unless mum was doing them all for you. You do not have to remain home to fulfil these “requests” to help out – just when you’re home!!

HOUSE RULES: (NO contact details on this page)


We have four rooms – two contain a double bed, two contain single beds. It is a standard Aussie house, 4 bedrooms 1 bathroom and a “sleepout” where the owners sleep.

We cannot help those that write asking for “private facilities” – hotels do that better than us.
200+ people and no issues with bathroom facilities – we just need to “harmonise” with each other.


Like you, we also need to know some things about you:
When you write to us, please include your answers to the following questions:-

1. Please let us know your skills and how you think you can help us + your willingness to help with "chores"..
2. A firm date you can start - preferably no more than two weeks into the future. Plus, what is the minimum time, you feel, you can stay for.
3. Please let us know your vegan status and/or willingness to eat only vegan in our home.
4. Any allergies or any health issue you think we should know??
5. Your acceptance of the daily $US9.75 per person, per day, food contribution.

Finally: smokers will be asked to leave - les fumeurs seront invités à quitter.

Warm regards - Mal & Lee

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