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Volunteer needed in Petra

Location: Petra, Jordan
Hello everyone!

Welcome to Jordan! I would love to share our Bedouin culture with all of you so please come and visit us! About myself, I run a well-established travel agency in Petra, operating tours, camping etc.

What we offer: You will be welcomed to stay in my house and be part of our family! At our place, you will be invited to join our family meals. Accommodation and food are completely free. Furthermore, during weekends we drive to different beautiful places in Petra for picnics. You will be able to see a lot more beautiful places beyond the tourist spots. You will get a real feeling of Jordan and learn about our culture.

What help do we need: We need help of all sorts: From office work like editing our Web Site and answering emails, to outdoor work like guiding the tours we operate, chopping wood for heating and other small jobs. We have a very big family and there will be different needs depending on the time you join us. No matter what work you will be involved, it won't be a hard work and you will definitely enjoy your time with us!

Hopefully I will see you very soon!
Volunteer needed in Petra Volunteer needed in Petra Volunteer needed in Petra