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Silent Arrow Guest House - Israel

Location: Mitzpe Ramon , Israel
Silent Arrow is a unique guest house in the lovely Israeli desert, not far away from Macktesh Ramon (Ramon crater) near the town of Mitzpe Ramon.
We offer an authentic tent accommodation, camping for backpackers, workshops hospitality
and a lot of inspiration, all just a few minutes’ walk to all the services you need in town (bank, supermarket, clinic, etc.)

There is no electricity in the site (our light comes from candles and flashlights. Computers and cell phones can be charged in town). Clean and organized toilets and showers are available on the site, with hot water 24/7.

The work is basically welcoming the guests, showing them around, being there for any help or questions, and always keeping the place nice and clean. Because guests come and go, sometimes we have a lot of work, and other times it is quite as only the desert can be...
That's why we don't ask you to work for any specific hours in a given day, but we DO EXPECT you to work hard whenever there is stuff to be done. Usually, that means morning rounds - making sure that the toilets and showers are clean, the kitchen is organized and the place is nice and tidy (including checking that all is well a few times during the day), taking care of laundry if there is some, lighting the candles in the evening, and random projects that come up . Other than that, you basically have the day for yourself to relax, meet people, read, write, travel or what have you!

Although the town is very small, you can find a lot of cool and unique places, including some coffee shops, art warehouses, ceramic workshop, a jazz club, travel agencies, an amazing bakery, etc.

We offer the volunteers a cool tent at the site (maybe sharing it with other volunteers, depending on the availability), but you can actually sleep anywhere you want. We also supply the food!

We ask you to come for a minimum period of 2 weeks, considering, of course, that both sides are happy:)

Check out our video!


We are now in the midst of building a very unique community, one which will host a group of cool and interesting people who want to learn, work, and develop together.

If you love the desert, and enjoy yoga, meditation, cooking, philosophy, art and so on; If you want to meet new people from all over the world, exchange skills and learn languages; And if you are walking your path, and looking for some inspiration through work, study and community life, you are welcome to come!

Because it is new, the daily agenda is still developing, which means you have an opportunity to influence the actual routine of the community through and vibe that you will bring to the place.
But basically, we want to have a combination of yoga/meditation, archery, working on various projects (like a vegetable garden), hearing lectures, doing art work and eating amazing food!

For more details, please write to us

Silent Arrow Guest House - Israel