Youth Hostel is Looking for Electrical Help and/or Plumber

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Location: Crescent City, USA


We are looking for 1-2 people to help out with wiring and plumbing of a small camp trailer. The camp trailer will act as emergency housing for the housekeeper at our youth hostel until we are able to build a new building and residence for them.

With respect to duties of the electrician, you will need to run a load test, and update and/or rewire the camp trailer if necessary. Alternatively we could use some help with changing out the plumbing. The trailer is an older Fleetwood Prowler, 17.3', with an unknown manufacturing date, but believed to be from the late 1970s. Estimated time for the wiring is 30 hrs. We are only going to ask for 2 full days of work per week for the electrical or plumbing. The length of this position is flexible, and can be either 30 days, or long term. We have other things to do besides the camp trailer if for some reason you run out of things.

Volunteers will have access to showers and the bathroom in the hostel (main house) on days where the entire hostel is not set aside for whole house bookings, and a high end port-o-potty will be installed in the bathroom of the camper so that volunteers have access to a bathroom when the whole house is booked. The kitchen in the main house is well stocked with ample cooking utensils and a refrigerator.

With respect to the camper, volunteers may use the camper for refrigeration, cooking, and a port-o-potty will be installed in the bathroom as an emergency backup when the main house is completely booked. This is intended to be a temporary arrangement until the camper is more fully restored. We are taking steps to get the plumbing updated so that showers can be taken in the trailer, but volunteers are welcome to stay and use the hostel when it is available. The hostel has a well stocked kitchen. Clean towels and linens are provided to all volunteers.

International volunteers are also guaranteed a food stipend, and are requested to work 5 days per week, but the number of days worked is completely negotiable. This same arrangement is also available to domestic volunteers who also want to work more days.

Access to cooking facilities inside the camper will temporarily be with an electric surface, and roaster, but we are hoping to get the propane and electrical system up and running so that other options are available.

The Lakeside Hostel is managed by DNGR, a California 501(c)3 association. All applicants are required to provide government pictured ID and agree to back ground check.

Brian & Nikki

  • Youth Hostel is Looking for Electrical Help and/or Plumber
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