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Volunteers Needed For Rainbow Camp Retreat!

Location: Kurtistown, United States
This is a very unique opportunity to be a part of a Sustainable School of Permaculture and Retreat, learning how to break away from the tight grip capitalism, become self-sustaining, learn to grow your own food, and take care of your spirit self by providing nurturing and enrichment to try a different way of living, which isn't binary to the regular conventional capitalist way of life. Learning in Real-Time, you'll be able to let go of the current programming of everyday life, and learn to help yourself and others be Sustainable and Self-Reliant.

Be prepared to experience something you may never experience again in your lifetime. Everything we do in our lives will be reflected into the people around us. Each of us share a part of each other in ourselves, and this is how we should all be treated. Common sense is a large part of how ethically we operate. Not by the motivation of monetary things. Love is the utmost important. You should be left feeling like you belong, and are a part of the Ohana!

Commitment to the future of sustainability has always been our focus. The project will be a lifetime of growth and creation. Since the day we began our mission to bring sustainable farms and homes into a standard way of living, we continue to grow and develop, sharing and duplicating the knowledge we have learned. We have sincere desires to make this lifestyle more than an alternative, but the mainstream and most common way of living in our own land and beyond. Society is gradually realizing that we cannot continue to live a nonrenewable and disposable lifestyle. This simple fact is putting us at the forefront of our purpose. Helping people learn, and with an available Scholarship that is unique to RCR and we make our best efforts to maintain that your stay not to become fee based if possible. This is why each and every one of our participants come out of the project with a lifetime of experiences to take with them and to mould their future. This earth’s future depends on it. The future of RCR and the future of the School of Sustainability depend on the contributions of each and every individual to grow along with, and maintain its success. Without you, all of this would not be possible. Fortunately with each person's unselfish contribution, with every seed planted, with every nail hammered, and every idea shared, we are well on our way!


Every day at Rainbow Camp Retreat will be a very different day, which will emulate what true life is like. If you're wondering if there's a "Work Schedule", there is none. Mostly, because we are not 'training' people for jobs where they will work for someone else, but to give each individual a True-Life experience of what it would be like to have their own life and in control of it, and every facet and responsibility which comes with being independent. Many of our participants find that the mode helps deprogramming away from an office or "job" style atmosphere, but more of how it is in a True-To-Life setting.


You will sleep in a tent at a camping site.

You are entitled to a free breakfast, every day of your stay.

You are entitled to a free dinner, every day of your stay.

Take free yoga classes at our place.

Take free language classes at our place.

You can take part in any of our therapeutic activities for free.

Take part in our Permaculture course for free.

Feel free to use our kitchen and make your own delicious food.

Get a certificate of completion after you finish your experience.
Volunteers Needed For Rainbow Camp Retreat! Volunteers Needed For Rainbow Camp Retreat! Volunteers Needed For Rainbow Camp Retreat! Volunteers Needed For Rainbow Camp Retreat!