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Location: Bloomington, United States


Located within 15 minutes of lakes, national forest, and downtown Bloomington (a vibrant university city), our 40 wooded acres are used for more than just a family home.

We are touring musicians, who enjoy the quiet and solitude of the country, but also often entertain and accommodate guests as we operate a commercial recording studio on the property. Our barn is also a space to create—whether you’re working with your hands or utilizing the stage we’ve built inside. Between the easy access to unspoiled wilderness, an abundance of materials on our property ready to be molded, and the thriving art/music scene downtown, an artistically inclined guest might benefit the most during their stay—though it isn’t a requirement!

We are looking for guests that can stay for the periods of: one week to one month during the temperate season of July through October. We need help maintaining our trails, organic gardens, animal housing (chickens and pig) and the overall grounds, and therefore prefer VB volunteers with some skills in these outdoor/trail maintenance/gardening areas. A one or two-week residency would ideally be project based with an end goal. Whereas, over the course of a month we ask for some general help around the property for a few hours a day. In exchange, our guest cottages are a great place to stay; equipped with a kitchen, comfortable bedding, and private decks. We’re offering eggs and produce from our garden, as well as a gift card to either the local co-op or a big brand grocery store—your choice. We hope someone can help keep our land beautiful and flourishing, while fully taking advantage of all it has to offer.

  • Bloomington
  • Bloomington
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